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サザエさん症候群 (Sazae-san Syndrome)

Chris - Engineering

In Japan there's a fascinating phenomenon サザエさん症候群 (Sazae-san Syndrome). This describes the feeling many people in Japan encounter—a feeling of unease on Sunday evenings as they anticipate the impending return to work on Monday.

This term comes from the TV series, "Sazae-san." While the show primarily revolves around the cheerful everyday life of its protagonist, the show was commonly aired on a Sunday evening, and so people made a subconscious connection between the feeling of gloom and the TV show, especially its theme song.

サザエさん症候群 (Sazae-san Syndrome) reflects the pressures and stresses that many individuals face in contemporary Japanese society, especially pressures coming from the workplace. It highlights the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and finding time to re-charge away from work.

Japan is taking steps to help employees achieve a better balance between work and home, though like anything with deep roots, it can take time.