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With hundreds of lessons, interactions, quizzes, resources and audio, ImaWakatta is your one-stop shop for learning Japanese

Hundreds of lessons

  • Written by native Japanese teachers
  • Loads of example sentences
  • Exceptions and gotchas highlighted
  • Frequent updates

Study smarter, not harder

Our intelligent algorithms learn as you learn. Every question answered tailors future content to your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Review content anytime - no weird limits
  • Spaced repetition learning
  • Hundreds of multiple choice, word order, and even more coming

Clean, easy to access resources

  • Stacks of vocabulary, grouped, tagged and easy to search
  • Hiragana and katakana presented in clean, easy to read reference tables
  • Kanji list (coming soon)

Make learning fun

Bored of the same old quizzes? Mix it up with gamified interactions

  • Time telling interactions
  • Hiragana/katakana practice
  • Money reading (coming soon)
  • Listening practice (coming soon)
  • Conjugation practice (coming soon)
  • Kanji quizzes (coming soon)

Easy peasy pricing

Access hundreds of lessons, interactions, audio, and more.
All for the cost of a few coffees per month.

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