## Learning with ImaWakatta >千里の道も一歩から >_A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step_ An old adage for sure, but applies perfectly to language learning. We won't lie, it is a journey but one worth taking. JLPT Master is designed from the ground up to make your learning enjoyable and productive. Looking around the web we noticed a lack of good sites that help you prepare for the JLPT tests. Want to practice Japanese verb conjugation? Particles got you down? What about real-world grammar explanations with example sentences with side by side Japanese and English? We have you covered and more. Checkout the features section for more. ## The Team ### Miki Miki is a professional Japanese teacher from Tokyo, Japan. With years of teaching Japanese that span both locally and abroad, across both classroom teaching and online, Miki is both an experienced and personable teacher. Designing every lesson from the ground up with the remote learner in mind, Miki loves making difficult concepts easy for the Japanese learners. After several years of teaching professionally, Miki has returned to complete a Masters of Japanese education with a focus on elearning. ### Chris Chris is a developer from Australia, currently living in Tokyo. Working in the web and elearning industry for close to 10 years, along with being a Japanese learner himself, Chris is very excited about being part of the JLPT Master team.