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Miki - Teacher

Do you know the word "大阪のおばちゃん (Osaka-no-obachan)"?

Osaka-no-obachan is a friendly term for middle-aged women in the Osaka region. They are known for being cheerful, friendly, and kind. Osaka-no-obachan are said to be easy-going, talkative and funny. They are also famous for their greetings in the Osaka dialect, "おおきに (Ookini)".

You often see them in shopping arcades and in front of train stations. They give kind advice to shoppers and tourists, and sometimes they make you laugh with their funny stories and jokes. Osaka-no-obachan symbolize the culture and atmosphere of Osaka, and their cheerful personalities are one of the attractions of Osaka.

Osaka-no-obachan’s fashion is also famous. Their fashion is like their personality - it's bright and easy-going!

The clothing is often brightly colored and very unique. They often use patterns such as leopard print, usually with flashy accessories. Osaka-no-obachan also have unique hairstyles, often with perms or color.

It's also common to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in, such as slippers, sandals, and sneakers. In addition, they sometimes wears a stylish apron, and you can see them enjoying fashion while doing housework and work. Their fashion can be said to represent their lively energy and fun atmosphere.