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なつメロ (nostalgic melody)

Miki - Teacher

Today, I want to talk about 懐メロ(natsu mero).

懐メロ is a song that was popular for a while and reminds us of that time with nostalgia. It comes from "なつかしい(nostalgic)メロディー melody".

Recently, when I'm doing housework or working, I often listen to the songs I listened to when I was a student. Just listening to the song brings back vivid memories of those times. It's the power of music, isn’t it?

Here are some links of my recommended songs that I've been listening to a lot lately. These songs make me happy!

I went to Karaoke after school a looooot and sang and danced to these songs with friends when I was a high school student. (I think all the girls of my generation were doing the same thing!?)

There are many songs that represent the feelings of young Japanese girls.

For example, the beginning of the first song "ね〜え" is like this:

まようなぁ〜! I can’t make up my mind!
セクシーなの?キュートなの? Sexy? or Cute? 
どっちが きなの? Which do you prefer?
まようわぁ〜! I can’t make up my mind!
すっこしでも をひきたい I want to get your attention even if only slightly.
純情じゅんじょう乙女心おとめごころ Pure maiden heart.

Japanese young women's magazines often feature sexy vs cute make-up, sexy vs cute fashion, and I think this is a theme that young girls talk/think about quite a bit.

I wonder how I was such a long time ago that I forgot! lol