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Japan's national sport - sumo!

Chris - Engineering

Let's talk about Japan's national sport, Sumo wrestling.

Although popular today, it is deeply rooted in ancient traditions. Sumo is a full-contact sport where two wrestlers, called "rikishi", face off in a circular ring ("dohyo").

A sumo match can be won in two ways:

  • forcing the opponent out of the ring or,
  • making the opponent touch the ground with any part of their body (other than the soles of their feet).

It has origins in Shinto rituals, with strong links to spirituality and tradition. Japanese people view sumo as a core part of their culture, and successful wrestlers can become national celebrities! The highest-ranked wrestlers, known as "yokozuna", symbolize strength, honor, and perseverance.

Sumo wrestlers follow a strict code of conduct. Maintaining proper appearance and following traditional customs.

To truly experience sumo, attending one of the six annual grand sumo tournaments held across Japan is a must when travelling to Japan. These events showcase the wrestlers' incredible skill and determination, and offer spectators a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere.