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駅弁 (Ekiben)

Miki - Teacher

Do you know the word 駅弁えきべん "Ekiben"?

Ekiben are boxed lunches sold at train stations and on trains in Japan. It's common for the dishes to make use of specialties local to the station, and it’s one of the pleasures of traveling. For example, seaside Ekiben often feature seafood, while mountain Ekiben often include wild vegetables and meat dishes.

It can be said that each region's Ekiben expresses the food culture of that region. When travelers visit an area, they can taste the ingredients and dishes that are unique to that area through Ekiben. This will further enhance your experience at your travel destination. It's also a unique way to make your train journey even more enjoyable.

Ekiben are so popular that department stores often hold product exhibitions featuring famous Ekiben from all over Japan.
It's my favourite product exhibition as I've been there many times.

If you go to Japan, be sure to try an Ekiben!